EAN:  9780008470302
Publicatie datum:   18-05-2021
Uitvoering:  Hardback
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'Grief is a cruel kind of education. You learn how ungentle mourning can be, how full of anger. You learn how glib condolences can feel. You learn how much grief is about language, the failure of language and the grasping for language'

On 10 June 2020, the scholar James Nwoye Adichie died suddenly in Nigeria.

In this tender and powerful essay, expanded from the original New Yorker text, his daughter, a self-confessed daddy's girl, remembers her beloved father. Notes on Grief is at once a tribute to a

    EAN: 9780008470302
    Uitgever: Harper Collins UK
    Publicatie datum:   18-05-2021
    Uitvoering: Hardback
    Taal: Engels
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    Aantal pagina's: 96