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The Penguin Book of Elegy

Engels | 30-11-2023 | 688 pagina's



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Elegy is among the world's oldest forms of literature: a continuous poetic tradition which stretches back beyond the time of Virgil and Horace to Ancient Greece, speaking eloquently and movingly of the experience of loss and the yearning for consolation. In perhaps the purest instance of art's fundamental 'impulse to preserve' (Philip Larkin), it gives shape and meaning to memories too painful to contemplate for long, and answers our desire to fix in words what would otherwise slip our grasp.

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EAN :9780241269602
Uitgever :Penguin Group
Publicatie datum :  30-11-2023
Uitvoering :Hardback
Taal :Engels
Status :Nog niet beschikbaar
Aantal pagina's :688