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Love Lucian

Engels | 30-09-2022 | 392 pagina's



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Reproductions of the young Lucian Freud’s letters alongside insightful context and commentary reveal the foundations of the artist’s personality and creative practice. The young Lucian Freud was described by his friend Stephen Spender as ‘totally alive, like something not entirely human, a leprechaun, a changeling child, or, if there is a male opposite, a witch.’ All that magnetism and brilliance is displayed in the letters assembled here, many published for the first time. From schoolboy messages to his parents, though letters to friends, lovers, and confidants, to correspondence with patrons and associates as he became established as a professional painter, they are peppered with wit, affection and irreverence. Collectively, they provide a powerful insight into his early life and art. Co-authored by David Dawson, Freud’s longstanding personal assistant and now Director of the Lucian Freud Archive, and Martin Gayford, author, critic, and friend of the artist, this is the first published collection of Freud’s correspondence. Reproduced in facsimile alongside reproductions of Freud’s artwork, the letters are linked by a narrative that weaves them into the story of his life and relationships through his formative first three decades.


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Uitgever :Thames & Hudson
Publicatie datum :  30-09-2022
Uitvoering :Hardback
Taal :Engels
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Aantal pagina's :392
Keywords :  freud lucian