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The remains of the day

Engels | 30-04-2010 | 272 pagina's


Paperback / softback

€ 13,50

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After all what can we ever gain in forever looking back and blaming ourselves if our lives have not turned out quite as we might have wished? In the summer of 1956, Stevens, the ageing butler of Darlington Hall, embarks on a leisurely holiday that will take him deep into the English countryside and into his past...A contemporary classic, The Remains of the Day is Kazuo Ishiguro's beautiful and haunting evocation of life between the wars in a Great English House, of lost causes and lost love.The Remains of the Day is now available as a Faber Modern Classics edition.


EAN :9780571258246
Uitgever :Faber and Faber
Publicatie datum :  30-04-2010
Uitvoering :Paperback / softback
Taal :Engels
Hoogte :198 mm
Breedte :126 mm
Gewicht :210 gr
Status : Bestelbaar
Aantal pagina's :272
Reeks :  Faber modern classics
Keywords :  psychologische literatuur;groot-brittannië;culturele identiteit;dienstpersoneel;onvermogen tot liefde;schuldvraag;wereldoorlog ii;verfilmde boeken;romans