Beautiful World, Where Are you?

Sally Rooney

EAN:  9780571365449
Publicatie datum:   14-06-2022
Uitvoering:  Paperback / softback
Taal:  Engels
Aantal pagina's:  288

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Beautiful World, Where Are You, the third novel from the author of the internationally bestselling Normal People and Conversations with Friends, will be published by Faber on 7 September 2021.

Beautiful World, Where Are You tells the story of Alice and Eileen, two best friends nearing their thirties in different places and on very different trajectories. As the summer approaches, they exchange emails about art, friendship, the world around them and the complicated love affairs unfolding in their

    EAN: 9780571365449
    Uitgever: Faber and Faber
    Publicatie datum:   14-06-2022
    Uitvoering: Paperback / softback
    Taal: Engels
    Hoogte: 129 mm
    Breedte: 198 mm
    Status: Niet op voorraad
    Aantal pagina's: 288