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On connection

Engels | 18-03-2022 | 144 pagina's


Paperback / softback

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This is a meditation on the power of creative connection. Drawing on twenty years' experience as a writer and performer, Kae Tempest explores how and why creativity - however we choose to practise it - can cultivate greater self-awareness and help us establish a deeper relationship to ourselves and the world. Honest, tender and written with piercing clarity, On Connection is a call to arms that speaks to a universal yet intimate truth.


EAN :9780571370436
Uitgever :Faber and Faber
Publicatie datum :  18-03-2022
Uitvoering :Paperback / softback
Taal :Engels
Hoogte :178 mm
Breedte :111 mm
Status : Bestelbaar
Aantal pagina's :144
Keywords :  levenskunst