Human Acts

Han Kang

EAN:  9781101906743
Publicatie datum:   30-10-2017
Uitvoering:  Paperback / softback
Taal:  Engels
Aantal pagina's:  224

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Gwangju, South Korea, 1980. In the wake of a viciously suppressed student uprising, a boy searches for his friend's corpse, a consciousness searches for its abandoned body, and a brutalised country searches for a voice. In a sequence of interconnected chapters the victims and the bereaved encounter censorship, denial, forgiveness and the echoing agony of the original trauma. Human Acts is a universal book, utterly modern and profoundly timeless. Already a controversial bestseller and award-winning book in Korea, it confirms Han Kang as a writer of immense importance.

    EAN: 9781101906743
    Uitgever: Ballantine Books
    Publicatie datum:   30-10-2017
    Uitvoering: Paperback / softback
    Taal: Engels
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    Dikte: 16 mm
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    Aantal pagina's: 224