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This other Eden

Engels | 28-02-2023 | 224 pagina's



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Set at the beginning of the twentieth century and inspired by historical events, This Other Eden tells the story of Apple Island: an enclave off the coast of the United States where waves of castaways - in flight from society and its judgment - have landed and built a home.

Benjamin Honey- American, Bantu, Igbo- born enslaved- freed or fled at fifteen- aspiring orchardist, arrived on the island with his Irish wife, Patience, and discovered they could make a life together there. More than a century later


EAN :9781529152548
Uitgever :Ballantine Books
Publicatie datum :  28-02-2023
Uitvoering :Hardback
Taal :Engels
Status : Bestelbaar
Aantal pagina's :224
Keywords :  romans;eilanden;eugenetica;verenigde staten;1910-1920;overleven;racisme