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Draw for change

Engels | 30-10-2023 | 173 pagina's



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The courageous struggle of six females top cartoonists, their work and life story: Amany Al-Ali (Syria), Mar Maremoto (Mexico), Victoria Lomasko (Russia), Rachita Taneja (India), Ann Telnaes (USA), Doaa El-Adl (Egypt).

Six women, six stories. They make cartoons and graphic work in the besieged Syrian city of Idlib or unfree Egypt of President al-Sisi, they fight fat shaming and homophobia in Mexico, are on the run from president Putin, criticize Hindu nationalism and misogyny from Indian Prime Minister Modi or defy the powers that be in The Washington Post. Whether they are from Mexico, the USA, Syria, Egypt, India or Russia, they all belong to the absolute world top. But the way to the top was not an easy one for any of them.


De moedige strijd van zes vrouwelijke topcartoonisten, het boek bij de gelauwerde Canvasserie


EAN :9789401496025
Uitgever :Uitgeverij Lannoo
Publicatie datum :  30-10-2023
Uitvoering :Hardback
Taal :Engels
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Keywords :  lomasko victoria;al-ali amany;el-adl doaa;taneja rachita;maremoto mar;telnaes ann;cartoons;cartoons en vrouwen